Bequia is situated at latitude 13 N and 60.15' West, in the southern part of the Caribbean chain known as the Windward Islands.

After the capital island of St. Vincent (pop. 110,000) situated nine miles to the north, Bequia is the largest of the thirty-two islands and Cays that make up the island state of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The other main islands in the Grenadines chain south of Bequia are Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau and the Tobago Cays, Union Island, Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent.


Bequia measures just 7 square miles, and is home to about 5000 people.


An intriguing mix of native Bequians of African, Scottish, Irish, French, Indian and Carib descent - many of whom can trace their ancestry directly back the islands earliest inhabitants of the 18th century - and more recent settlers from Europe, America and Canada who have chosen to make Bequia their home.

English is the native language, and open friendliness is a characteristic for which Bequians have always been well known.


Daytime temperatures consistently average between 24C (75F) and 30C (86F) throughout the year. A "chilly" evening in the winter months (January to March) might see a low of around 21C (70F) and in the summer months the temperature will occasionally reach 32C (90F).

Tradewinds bring cooling breezes for most of the year; the famous Christmas Winds bring stiffer steady breezes, lively seas and perfect sailing weather.